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To: All ENPS Match Competitors

UPDATE 5/22/20

We will be modifying our match procedures in June, in response to the revised Directed Health Measures relaxing some Covid-19 restrictions announced by the Governor, going into effect on June 1st. Most notably we will be expanding our squad sizes to accommodate more shooters, while maintaining proper procedures to remain compliant with the DHM.


We will be accepting ONLINE registration only, NO on-site registration at matches. All matches can be registered for on Practiscore.


We will be accepting ONLINE PRE-PAYMENT only for matches, no payment will be accepted at matches. IF you pay online, and end up having to withdraw from the match, a credit for your match fee will be available to apply to a future match as long as you withdraw before the match. If you are a "no show" at the match, we thank you for your donation. ;-) 


We will be returning to normal squad sizes for matches and no longer limiting them to 10 shooters. Pre-Payment will now be required in order to squad for a match. Please stay WITH your squad in your current bay for the entire match, do not walk to another squad. Please do not linger behind on your bay after your squad has moved on picking up your 38 Super brass, stay with your squad as a group.


We will have a lightning fast morning check-in process, with no crowd or lines gathered in the shed. Since everyone will be pre-registered, all you have to do is stand at the entrance to the shed, and tell the stats personnel your name, they will check you off the list, and you're good to go about helping with setup and walking through the stages. You MUST check-in at the match BEFORE 8:30 a.m. if you are shooting that day, at 8:30 we cut off the check-in and prepare the scoring tablets with the squad assignments and distribute them to the RO's.


We will NOT have a large shooter's meeting gathering before the start of the match in the central area. Squad lists will be posted on the shed well before the start of the match at 9:00, and once posted you can just see where your squad is starting and report to that bay. The primary RO on your squad will provide a quick briefing to your squad with any relevant information for the day. If you are a new shooter at your first match, please inform the RO so they can provide you additional guidance and help so you have a great match.

We kindly request all competitors to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of all participants:

If you are feeling any symptoms consistent with a viral respiratory infection (coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, fever, chills, aches, etc.) PLEASE DO NOT come to the match, just withdraw in Practiscore and we welcome you back when you're feeling better at the next match. 

If you have had contact with a known carrier of the Covid-19 virus, and are within 14 days of this contact and have not tested negative for the virus yourself, please also DO NOT come to the match. 

If you personally do not feel safe attending an event, please do not sign up.

If you would like to wear a face mask please do so, but we will not be requiring it of all competitors since our event is outdoors.

Please practice prudent social distancing of 6 feet between every competitor at all times.

Avoid skin-to-skin contact with anyone - no handshakes or hugs please.

If you would like to sanitize any surfaces before touching them, please bring sanitizer wipes or spray

If you feel a cough coming on please distance yourself from the group and cough into your arm and not your hands

Thank you,

ENPS Match Committee


Stage Designers Needed

Stage Designers Needed

ENPS is looking for additional competitors to join our pool of Active Stage Designers for the monthly club matches!  If you have never designed a stage before but would like to get involved, we'll help you get started!  Click below for more info!


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